9+ secrets to help you learn how to write content in right way

Does your content generate Traffic and sales to your blog ?

If No, then you need to think those reasons.

It’s the content that drives traffic and sales in your blog.

Until you know how to write content in the right way that generates traffic or sales, you will find difficulty to monetize your blog.

Content is King” know as soon as you can start traffic to your blog.

Let me explain to you by example, you are so hungry, and you have seen a small restaurant that is not so decorative, but you find their food is super tasty. The next day you went to a big hotel, well decorated with excellent service, but you see their, food is not neat and tasty.

So next time if you are hungry, where will you like to go? Of course, you will go to that place you find tasty food.

Here Content is your tasty food. i am trying to tell you
whether you will use a good theme, how well you have done your seo, but ultimately it’s the Content that holds your reader to your blog.

After starting a blog as a beginner, you don’t understand how to start writing content for your blog, and you stuck on writing your first post.

How to write content” that is consistent, unique, and engaging that people love actually.

Lets, in brief, understand “what is content writing” basically, its a part of content marketing where you will learn the art of creating valuable, appropriate content to attract and engage your readers.

In this post, I will reveal 9+ secrets that help you to write content in such a way that converts your ideas into well-written content.

Know your Audience

know your audience

Your first preference should always be to educate your audience. Rather than to sell, So whenever you start to write your content, keep in mind.

What your audience is looking for?

What value are you providing to your audience ?

Here is an example that helps you to understand your audience’s needs.

Example: suppose a user wants to purchase a mobile phone
and search in google like ” best mobiles under $ 500.”
then you can write a review article and comparison article on the “best mobile under $ 500” that helps your audience to reach their decision on what mobile phone they should buy.

People like the word FREE.

It would help if you always tried to relate to your audience by giving them some freebies through the e-book, email subscription, free training, or course.

If you give some valuable knowledge to peoples?

People will trust you and reward you back by buying product or service from your site.

Organize your content ideas

Before you start to write content for your blog post, you should know how to organize your ideas.

You know the primary structure content organization.

write content structure

By seeing the above picture, you able to understand how to organize the flow of your content.

Most of the articles on the web follow this structure.

Engage your audience

Engage your audience

First Impression is the last impression” keep in mind.

So you can start your content by writing a killer headline that creates curiosity in the mind of your readers to know what’s inside your blog.

What does come first in your mind to see the picture of the label?

Are you thinking of pressing the button?

If yes, 90% of people think to press this button.

Human psychology works like the same.

What do you understand by this example?

It’s mean your title or headline should be such that the audience feels excited to know with a question mark?

Eagerly want to press the button of question mark means clicked your title to know further.

Always try to put power and emotional words in your headline like Free, Proven, instant, everything you need, fast, easy.

Let me help you to understand.

some examples using power and emotional words:

These examples show how pro bloggers use the best use of power and emotional words that need to write a better headline for their blogs.

Keep your headline near to 60 characters after that google cuts off furthermore.

You see over google cut off headline because it contains more than 60 characters.

Here we recommend you use some useful headline analyzer tools that analyze your headline to make your title more engaging that helps you to bring traffic in your blog.

Types of Titles you can use to grab you, readers attention:

1.How to type (Example: how to start a blog that earns $10000 per month)

2.Best Type (Example: Ultimate guide to writing better content for blogs.)

3.comparison ( Example: Rankmath vs. Yoast, which plugin is best?)

4.List Article ( Example: 10 best ways to earn money by Affiliate marketing.)

5.Review ( Example: Best review guide buy a mobile under $ 500)

You can make so many titles according to your Niche.

Write Attention-Grabbing Introduction

introduction in content writing

How to write a powerful introduction? That helps to engage your readers.

Elements of introduction:

  1. Hook (Grab the attention of the readers)
  2. Give a reason for your own article’s presence.
  3. Explain to your readers how your article is going to help them.

How to grab the attention of your readers:

You can grab your readers’ attention by telling a story or by creating a scene or start with a funny joke so the reader may feel attached to your content immediately.

Read the story…

I think you are visualizing the moment of the story in your mind.
If yes, that’s the reader’s engagement.

you can start with your personnel story and touch the emotions of your readers.

For that, you can use some shocking facts/statistics, a curious question like “how can you lose weight in 7 days?”

If I am a fat buddy, then I am interested to know how to lose weight in 7 days.

So your target is to engage your readers by any of the working methods.

In my blog, I hook the readers by asking a question.

Reason for your article presence that I cover in:

Now in the third part, I describe the way how my post will going to help to resolve the problem.

I hope you now have a clear idea of how you write a mind-blowing intro for your post, which engages your readers.

Make content Original and SEO Optimized

Original means Original

Make thumb rule don’t copy the content from other blogs.

write content in your tone.

As a newbie, when you don’t have sufficient knowledge, then always do research more and more about your subject.

search the top sites which are ranking for your keyword for that you can use

keyword research tools

Like Ahref,semrush,Moz, and review the top 10 sites that ranking on the first page of google and find the keywords on which their blogs are ranking.

Make a list of those keywords and take ideas from your competitors’ blogs what tone and ways they put in their blogs to get high SERP results in google..

Then you can start writing content better than your competitor.

To optimize your content.

Here I reveal some excellent strategies:

Strategy 1: Keep blog post length at least 2000 and above words and must target your focus keyword in the first 100 words.

Strategy 2:Try to keep keyword density near to 0.50 means for every 100 words, your focus keywords come at least once.

Strategy 3: Use LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keywords related to your target keyword in your Blog Post.

Strategy 4: Make interlinking and external linking with good Domain authority sites.

Add eye-catching Images and Videos

images to blogs

Have you watched movies without color (black& white) and with color?

What difference do you feel?

A colored movie is more attractive than a Black and white movie.

Images have the same importance in blog.

Images and videos help boost the engagement of your readers and SEO.

Use short Paragraph in Post

write content in short paragraphs.

Write your content in short paragraphs; you will see when you use short paragraphs your content presentation is more promising to engage your readers.

Always try to write simple words in your sentences because if your readers are not familiar with the superior vocabulary, they may move on from your Blog.

Write your paragraph should be a combination of short ( 1 line), medium (up to 2 to 3 lines) and long ( up to 5 lines) maximum.

Always try to write your statement in active voice over passive.

Active voice helps to create more readers friendly sentences.

For example,” he writes content” in the active voice, and The content is written by him” in a passive voice, see the difference.

Active voice statements are more effective over the passive voice.

Research before writing facts and statistics.

In content writing, it is sometimes necessary to prove your point regarding your opinions, and that place you need to confirm your point by giving facts, case studies, statistics, or ideas from the right authorities..

If you are not sure about any relevant facts and statistics that you are going to use in your content, then don’t use it until you know the source of that facts and statistics.

Non-credibility content, lose the faith of your readers.

So whenever you use authority quotes or statement in your content make sure

It comes from their source of origin.

Using authority sites facts and statistics in your content always make good faith in the readers’ mind, and they think you did proper research to present your data in front of them.

Let me show you by the example of David Oglivy statement

David Oglivy was also known as the father of advertising.

In his statement, he focuses on the importance of headlines.

Conclusion or Closing remarks

The climax of the movie is more important than the rest of the movie.
So be the focus on closing remarks.

In this section, you can summarize everything about your key point

Recap all key bullet points to your readers to help them know what they learned from this blog?

Here I am listing some ideas to help you effectively end your blog.

1.you can ask your readers to share your blog on the social network.

Examples Like:

  • if you liked this blog post, share it with your friends.
  • If you find this blog helps you, can you help me out to share this blog post?

You can add social media sharing buttons to help your readers to share your post.

2.Ask a question

You can ask the question to your reader and encourage him to give some valuable comments about your blog post and make them feel like their suggestions are very important.

Example like: What will be the other ideas that you want to add in my post that I did not mention?

3.what next?

If you want readers to be regular on your blog, You can make some announcements like what’s coming next in your blog.

Here you can tell about your next blog post.

Example like: Next week, I am going to share secret tips of affiliate marketing that make money within a month by my new post.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Call to Action (CTR)

Let first understand “what is Call to Action,” also Know as CTA.

CTA is an invitation for your audience, readers to take some desired action.

Before Call to action define your goal of CTA.

Do you want increase your subscription?

Do you want boost your sales?

or Move your reader to another page through your Affiliate link.

CTR is a marketing concept in that as an affiliate marketer or blogger.

You encourage your readers to drive conversions in the form of

  • sign up for a free trial,
  • Subscribe to your newsletter,
  • Sign up to get free E-book/ short online courses/training.
  • Join us for a month.

Final words: Here, I cover all the key points on ” how to write content in the right way.” helps you to generate more traffic and sales to your blog.

I have tried my best to nurture you to write content in such a way that you are not interrupted to write your first blog post so apply these strategies to make your blog look like professionally.

I am very excited to know your views in comment section below.

In the meantime, request to share this post and helping other bloggers who are facing a similar type of concerns to write content for their blog.

Cheers and good luck!

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