How to start a blog for beginners and make money in 2020

Are you curious, how to start a money making blog?

If Yes means You want to know about “blogging” or interested to learn:

How to start a blog and make money for you.”

To be honest, I want to tell if you are here to think that blogging makes you rich quickly then my friend you can skip further reading because blogging is not a scheme that makes you rich quick.

But if you are serious about blogging and has patience, then I will help how you can earn from blogging.

Before beginning, I’ve some reasons why you should start a blog.

Opportunity to work from Home: Are you upset to do full day 9:00 am to 6:00 pm job? You want to get rid of by anyway. Blogging gives you this opportunity to work from home and allow you to leave the desk job.

The opportunity to earn passive Income: Are you interested in earning passive income when you are sleeping. Blogging makes this can start a side business as a blogger.

Share the knowledge: Blogging helps you to share your experience with the world and help you to connect with the peoples and allow you to help them with your knowledge.

Self branding: Blogging can make you as can start a blog.if your blog succeeds you can gain fame.

Grow your business: If you are running a business and want to promote your product, blogging helps you to grow your business.

In the blogging world, so many bloggers have changed their lives, so if they can do, then why can’t you?

Let me show you how blogging has changed the lives of so many bloggers.

Income Report of Ryan Robinson: You saw he had made $ 1,07,182 in just four months from Jan to April 2020. he has earned from affiliate sales and online courses. 

Let me show you one more earning report of famous blogger Harsh Agarwal by his website through google Adsense. You can see he has made approx 3.4 million INR through google Adsense.

Now you can imagine the how much income you can earn from blogging.

In earlier days, people start a blog as a hobby.

As time passes, the scope of Blogging expend.

People take blogging as a profession and start to make money by blogging.

I guarantee you that after reading this full article, you know how you can start a blog even you’ve got zero knowledge and how you can start your blogging career as a professional and make money from it.

Are you ready for this remarkable journey of Blogging?

This article, I will guide you step-by-step approach to start a blog from zero to professional.

How to start a blog for beginners 7 easy step-by-step guides:

  • Step 1: Picking the profitable niche for your blog
  • Step 2: Selecting a perfect domain name and good Hosting for your blog
  • Step 3: Choose the Blogging platform WordPress (Installation Tutorial).
  • Step 4: Install WordPress theme and plugins.
  • Step 5: Write and publish your First Blog post
  • Step 6: Promote your blog by driving traffic
  • Step 7: Monetize your blog.

Start a blog is not so tricky to follows the steps in-depth and take action with each step practically.

You will create your first blog within Minutes after reading the full article that will generate $1000 per month, so let’s start.

Step 1: Select the profitable niche for your blog post 

How to find Niche to start a blog

When are we going to talk about Niche selection? First, you should know.

“what is Niche.”

Niche is your blog topic on which you write your blog.
The selection of Niche is crucial.

If you choose wrong niche then you cannot target your goal.

New beginners have questions related to niche like:

  • How to choose the right niche?
  • which niche is best for blogging?
  • What are the most profitable blogging niches?
  • how do I find a profitable niche?

Now I am going to help you with how you can find your niche for your blog.

When you start a blog, you think that niche selection is so easy.

I also say niche selection is easy if you write your blog as a hobby.

Because you know about your hobby or passion, and you can quickly write on that topic.

For example, you like cooking, and I say, can you write a 10 topic on the word cooking?

I guarantee that you can easily write 10 topics on the word cooking, let’s assume, you choose your niche on topic.

“How to make dishes like Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc.”

If your hobby is cooking, then you have good knowledge about cooking, and you can quickly write 10 blog topics or even more on word cooking.

I think you get my point.

So if you start a blog to enjoy or as a hobby, then selection of niche is not so important.

But, when we talk about converting your niche to a money-making niche, it’s not easy.

If we speak of old times, and you choose any niche that may be easy to rank in google, nowadays, google only ranks those blogs which solve the problems of a particular topic or niche.

Keep remembering one thing; always choose a niche that returns some value to your readers.

As a newbie, if you are going to start a blog for learning purposes, I recommend not thinking so much about Niche selection.

Pick a niche in which field you have an interest or passion, and start writing on it, so that you know how to write on any topic.

After the experience, you can choose your best Niche and make a profit for you.

Now I hope you have an excellent idea about “what is a niche.”

the Niche can define the main in two categories

  • Broad Niche
  • Micro niche

A broad niche is a niche that covers a large category; for example,” Health.”
Micro Niche that targets specific audience like, “how to lose weight in pregnancy” under a broad category, “Health”.

Now, you can see that the Micro niche keyword is more specific and if any pregnant lady wants to lose her weight after pregnancy.

You can target her and guide her on how she can lose weight fast, or you can promote your product to help her lose weight fast.

The money belongs to the Micro niche category.

Profitable niche ideas

What Niche is Most Profitable for you? 

By seeing the above picture, you have ideas on which topic you can find your profitable Niche easily as a newbie.

Passion: You can choose your niche according to your passion, like cooking, gardening, gaming, camping. Suppose you are a writer, then you can help peoples to guide them on how to write better stories, novel.passion can be anything for anyone like my passion is blogging, and I like to guide newbies about blogging.

Problem: Suppose you are a fitness trainer, then you can target the health-related niche. You can help people by guiding them, for example, How to relieve back pain by yoga? How to lose weight in a week, what food to intake for a healthy lifestyle, but be micro, be specific about your niche.

Lifestyle: you can make your blog around your lifestyle. If you are a traveler and you like visiting the places you can guide people by your traveling experience on “how to save money during travel,” you can guide them about particular locations of a visit.

There are so many categories to start a blog, such as a food blog, fashion blog, photography blog, travel blog, and relationship blog, which means you have endless ideas.

It would be best if you did enough keyword research and try to find Long tail Keyword in your Niche.

Long tail keywords means so specific micro niche .

Always try to find those keywords which have good search volume and have a reasonable cost per click value.

It would be best if you kept these things in mind before Finalizing the Right niche for your blog.

  • Can I write more than 20 topics on that niche?
  • Is my niche being searched by people?
  • Can I make money from my niche?

Now you have a clear idea of How to find a Profitable niche.

In the Market, So many tools are available for keyword research that helps you to decide your Niche.

Some tools are free and some are paid.

As a newbie, if you don’t have a budget you can start with free tools like:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner

But If you have some budget, you can use best-paid keyword research tools

  • Semrush
  • Ahref
  • Moz
  • keyword Tool

If you ask me out of above, which is best, I recommend Semrush or Ahref you can go with anyone of two.

By using these tools, you can find so many Niche Business Ideas for your blog.

Now move on to the next step.

Step 2: Pick a good domain name and Hosting

Choose Domain and Hosting

Now here you have come when you have finalized your niche for your Blog.

To start a blog live on the internet first, you should know the term.

Domain and Hosting

The domain is the web address of your site Like

That is the address of my website over the internet that you find in the address bar.

Before selecting your domain name keep few things in your mind:

  • Keep your Domain name Short.
  • Easy to read
  • Try to select your domain with .com extension.
  • Domain should focus your keyword intention.
  • Avoid use number and other special characters in domain

If you keep these points in your mind you can choose a brandable domain name for your blog.

Where will you get your domain?

In the market, so many companies are providing domain services. You can buy your domain from Namecheap or GoDaddy; both are good in terms of service and cost.

You can buy your domain under $10.

Pro Tip: you can use one good tool name Leandomainsearch that helps you in the selection of your domain.

Next step is to pick a suitable hosting for your Blog.

Let in short know about Hosting.

In technical terms, Hosting is the server where you keep all files like images, blog posts, and data related to your Blog.

So Domain name is the address of your website, and Hosting is a place where you keep all your blog files.

Here is the most important thing is the selection of best hosting for your blog because wrong picking the hosting will destroy all your hard work.

In the market, There are so many hosting providers are available in internet.

Let find some good hosting providers list here below:

  1. SiteGround
  2. GreenGeeks
  3. WPX Hosting
  4. A2 hosting
  5. Bluehost
  6. Kinsta

You need to choose hosting very carefully.

It would be best if you didn’t waste your precious time searching which Hosting is good or bad.

Here I recommend a very Good web Hosting service that values your hard-earned money.

Hosting provider name is SiteGround, I am using this Hosting in my blog also.

But wait, why do you Believe Me?

Let me explain you why Site ground is best for beginners.

To any success of website speed is very crucial fact.

By using SiteGround Hosting, your website will load in the browser in a few seconds, and believe me to rank your site on google’s first page; this is a very dominant factor.

Check out here what Pro Blogger says About SiteGround:

Review of SiteGround Pros and cons:


  1. Highly optimized server speed
  2. Best Customer support: Live chat and Ticket based support
  3. Free SSL certificate
  4. Multiple server location
  5. SSD Hosting
  6. Free CDN
  7. Super Cacher technology: design to cache dyanmic pages.
  8. Good website back up support.

Cons: Limited fixed storage up to 20 GB to 40 GB, however, this storage is large enough to start a blog and you will not need more space until you have so many big size images and a lot of data in your site.

Follow these simple steps to get your siteground Hosting :

SiteGround Hosting  Plan

Siteground give three option

  • StartUp plan
  • GrowBig Plan
  • GoGreek Plan

As a newbie I recommend go for Startup or GrowBig Plan.

If you can invest some more money, then I recommend moving for the GrowBig plan because the benefit of picking GrowBig Plan is that you can run an unlimited website while in the start-up plan, you have the option of a single site.

One great feature that comes in GrowBig Plan is staging means it allows you to create a copy of your live site separately so you can do test your design and other feature before making it live.

On process further, you need to select your domain or if you have already booked domain choose that option accordingly

Final step to purchase your hosting you just enter your email, name and other information as per mandatory field.

After filling the necessary information, you click on the pay now button.

Hey, buddy congrats, you successfully purchased your first hosting.

One-step complete towards your success.

Step 3: Set up your WordPress Installation process

Did you get your domain and Hosting? if yes then move for the next step.

When you successfully purchased your hosting, you will receive a message in your mailbox from the hosting company.

In mail you find The DNS name servers that you have to connect with your domain name.

That is a simple process; copy your hosting DNS name servers, and you have to go on domain site from where you have bought your domain and replace the Hosting Name servers to the default name servers.

Note: This is applicable when you purchase the domain or hosting from a different company; for example, you bought your domain from Godaddy and hosting from SiteGround.

After replacing the DNS name servers, your site is ready to live and need to install WordPress on the hosting server.

When you open your SiteGround hosting site, you will find the option of Add a new website; click on it.

You will see the page like:

If you already register your domain, then click on the existing domain; otherwise, go for a new domain.

After the process, you will find the WordPress kit you click on WordPress admin to finish the installation process.

Now you need to give your username and password to enter your WordPress Dashboard.

Now your WordPress installation is complete and you can start a blog right now.

Step 4: Install your WordPress theme and Essential plugins

Pick best theme for your blog

Before you start a blog by posting your article on your website, you need to select the best theme for your site.

Selecting the right theme for your blog is so important.

WordPress gives thousands of free themes, but I do not recommend to use in your blogs.

Few reasons: why you should not choose free WordPress themes.

  1. Free themes are not so responsive
  2. The loading time of free Themes are high
  3. Free themes have limited features; you can’t compete with your competitors who are using premium themes.
  4. Free themes do not provide support.

On the other hand, paid themes to look more professional, have more customization options, and excellent customer support.

As a newbie, if you don’t have a budget then, you can use a free theme to start your blogging careers, and later you can upgrade to a paid theme.

I recommend the amazing premium themes that are best to start a blog.

GeneratePress Theme: is the renowned and first choice of so many pro-Blogger

This theme is very lightweight, and it is a very fast page load theme.

The core GeneratePress theme is free, and it comes with great features with its premium version, GeneratePress premium.

I recommend GeneratePress premium for newbie because this theme is so user friendly without knowing any technical knowledge you can design your website.

Astra Pro theme: is a fast and customizable WordPress theme. 

It is also lightweight under the size of 50 Kb. 

Astra pro theme is very user friendly like generate press.

Schema theme from Mythemeshop: This is a premium theme provided by the mytheme shop. This theme is ultra SEO friendly and fully responsive WordPress theme the best suitable for your blog.

Studio Press Themes: provide so many stylish themes choose according to your Niche subject.

Here I show you the installation steps of your WordPress theme.

You click on appearance -> Theme -> Add new -> upload theme -> upload your premium zip file theme or search Theme in search section for a free Theme and need to activate the Theme.

After theme installation, you need to install plugins
if you hear plugin word the first time, then I give you quick information about the WordPress plugins.

A plugin is a software that has the functionality to perform a specific task to make your work easy.

There are thousands of plugins in WordPress. You have to choose according to your need.

choose best Plugin for blog

Here I, listing the best plugins that require to start a blog.

Contact form 7: After reading your article some user wants to contact you and if you want feedback from your readers than you can use contact form 7 that is very easy to use and most popular WordPress plugin.

Elementor: is a page builder plugin; you can design your page by drag and drop. Elementor can create each part of your blog.

I recommend using Elementor if you use the Theme generate press.

Core Elementor plugin has limited features, but its premium version Elementor Pro provides you freedom with great flexibility to customize your blog page. You can create any layout by using this plugin

Rank Math SEO plugin: This is the best plugin for your on-page SEO. In blogging industries for SEO, two plugins are so famous: rank math, and the other is Yoast plugin.

But in this race, Rank math is ahead from Yoast plugin.

At present, every good blogger uses Rank Math instead of Yoast Plugin because, compared to the Yoast plugin, it is fast and easy to use.

SEO optimization Rich snippets,404 Monitor, Redirection ,local SEO are some killer features of Rank math plugin.

Other useful plugins, including (paid and free), you can use as per your need here you find the list.

  • Table of content plus: Plugin use to automatic way to display your page content.
  • WP rocket: Use to speeding up your website. 
  • Really Simple SSL: Configure your website to run over HTTPS.
  • Sucuri: use protect your website to prevent cyber attacks.
  • AAWP: Must have plugin who do Amazon Affiliate.
  • Pretty links: Enable you to shrink and shorten your affiliate URL link.
  • Broken link checker: Use to checking broken links on your web page.
  • ShortPixel Image optimizer: Use to compress your blog images with no quality loss.
  • Social pug: is a Social share plugin.

Step 5: Write and publish your first blog post.

Now your Platform is ready to write your first Blog Post.

Now here we have reached when we have picked our niche, chose our domain and hosting.

As a newbie, when you start a blog and write a post,

You face the problem that you don’t have enough idea to write your content for your blog.

You can learn here “how to write content in the right way

Once you have written your blog post, now you need to drive traffic for your blog. So, Let’s move for the next step to know.

Step 6: Promote your blog by driving traffic

There are so many methods you can use to drive traffic for your blog.

It is an essential part because it doesn’t matter how you write your post, keyword research, or what theme you have used in your blog.

If you did not know how to bring the traffic for your blog, you would not make money from your blog.

Start drive traffic methods via:

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a broad topic and can’t cover in a single article, so I give brief to let you understand “what is SEO “

SEO is a way that helps to bring organic traffic to your blog. There is three main part of SEO:

  1. On-Page SEO: focus on some guidelines of placement of your keyword and your content optimization. You can use the Rankmath plugin to do On-page SEO.
  2. Technical SEO: Indexing and crawling of your website.
  3. Off-site SEO: focus on link building, Link building is a process to get backlinks from other sites.

Social Media platform:

Facebook: is a secure method to drive free traffic for your blog; you need to create a Facebook group.

Promote your content in the Facebook group and try to increase your group visitors. One more important thing is keeping engage your visitors with your knowledge.

Quora:  is a question-answer-based platform. 

where you can find questions about your niche and help those people by answering those questions.

Pro Tip: You can insert your website link in your answers only 3 to 4 times if you are going to answering ten questions. It seems genuine and doesn’t seem spam; otherwise, Quora may block your account.

The other good platforms are Pinterest, Twitter, forums.
You can use these platforms to drive traffic.

Step 7: Monetize your Blog

There are many methods; you can monetize your blog, but as newbie or beginner, recommend focusing on these methods.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a very effective method to make money online; you need to promote products of other companies like Amazon products in your blog. If you can sell the product, you will receive a commission from the company.

You can start making money while you sleep at home with Affiliate marketing.

The Best Affiliate programs for bloggers, find the list here and join:

  • Amazon Associates program
  • eBay
  • ShareAsale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • JV-Zoo
  • Clickbank

Google AdSense: This is the second-best method for beginners after affiliate marketing. AdSense is a free and simple way to earn income by placing ads on your site.

First, try to earn your first dollar if you can make your first dollar, you can make then $100,$1000 per month, or grow even more.

After some experience, you know the other ways of earning online money.

As a beginner, you should focus on these two methods and have the patience to grow your blog. It takes time but keeps in mind hard work gives the result.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Start A Blog

Q.1 – How much does it cost to start a blog?

Ans – It will cost approx $13 per month to start a blog if you will buy hosting plan of one month which costs around $3.95 from siteground. but I’ll recommend you to go with one year hosting plan will cost around $71.

Q.2 – Should I start a blog if I have no knowledge about Blogging?

Ans – Yes why not, you should definitely start a blog if you have no knowledge about blogging. Blogging industries is growing rapidly and so many peoples are starting a blog and making money.

Q.3 – Can I start a blog with no money?

Ans – Yes If you do not have money to invest to start a blog then you can go with blogger but its difficult to monetize your blog on free platform like blogger so I’ll not recommend you to start with blogger. At beginning peoples make the mistake to start a blog at blogger. soon they realized they have done mistake to start a blog with blogger.

Q.4 – How can I make money from blogging?

Ans – There are so many methods to make money from blogging which I have discussed in how to start a blog and make money.

Q.5 – what time period I will start make money?

Ans – It will depends on your skills of learning howmuch time you are giving to learn the things. Because in blogging to earn money is not a easy task you shoud give proper time to learn the basics of blogging and implement it practically.

Q.6 How do beginners start to make money from blogging?

Ans – Personally I recommend at beginning to use these methods: Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Services etc

Final words: Congratulations! Buddy, now you have a good idea,” how to start a blog for Beginner and make money.”

I have tried my best to cover each part, so; you can easily make your first Blog and start making money online.

With time you’ll become a master on blogging, and I hope you will earn the first Dollar shortly.

I have applied the same methods to start my first Blog.

Now, what next??

It is not ending, this is your first step towards your early success, and I hope you like this post, and if you find this Blog help you, I need one favor for me to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

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Thanks for reading my Blog.

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