Instant Website Traffic: 11+ best way to improve website traffic

Have you given your best to generate traffic for your Blog?

If yes and still unable to get traffic for your blog, feeling sad and thinking

how to increase traffic to my website.”

Here I will reveal 11+ best ways that help you to increase instant website traffic for you blog.

If you implement these ways or strategies on your blog, you will be able to generate thousands of organic visitors on your sites.

You can get traffic via FREE or PAID methods. Here I will cover both ways.

To be frank, It’s not an easy task; you have to do many jobs to bring organic traffic to your blog.

So how to get instant traffic to your website?

Let’s know the ways:

1.Drive Traffic from Facebook

when we publish our first new post on our blog. We think that everyone likes our post, but the truth is just reverse of it.

Nobody reads our blog until we promote our post effectively.

So we start to promote our post on social media because it’s an easy way to promote any new article on social media platforms.

How to promote your blog on Facebook

To post your blog on Facebook, choose the best day and best time. According hubspot most people are more engaged with Facebook on Thursday to Sunday between 9 to 1 pm.

Avoid Being a spammer :Be smart to schedule your post. Don’t share your link too much, people may ignore or unfollow you.

Make Facebook Group: Making Facebook group is an excellent way to get more users on your Facebook and promote you as a brand to help your user problems, questions, and guiding them.

Many pro bloggers have their Facebook group, and they help their readers by posting knowledgeable posts and providing free stuff that is useful for them.

You can do the same by creating your facebook group and join others bloggers facebook group.

Now the question comes in your mind that if you have a new Facebook group, how can you bring readers to your Facebook page?

You will able to drive social traffic by just following these steps:

Step 1: Join other bloggers group and watch the group where readers ask questions related to the subject in which you have good knowledge.

For example, I have created a group related to blogging and affiliate marketing, and then I will join a similar kind of nature groups.

I will try to answer all those questions which readers asked on that group, or I will drop my article link their so readers will find their problems related answers by reading my article.

But keep in mind that don’t paste everywhere your link unnecessary. It may seem like spam. If readers find your knowledge helpful for them, then you can invite them to join your group.

Step 2: Keep sharing evergreen content and busy your readers by regularly posting articles by asking questions, by-poll, and providing useful free material like e-book, checklists, free tools, etc.

Step 3: Find the best performing content using Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is a perfect tool to find the most shared content over Facebook. Your job is to find out those articles, write better articles, and promote it on your Facebook group

2.Do On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the way to optimize web page content for search engines and users.To rank your content in 2020, you need to consider many factors that are important for ranking your site by doing on-page SEO.

Optimize your Title

Your Title should be super appealing and the simple way to make your tittle so appealing by close to start with your keyword and add with modifier.Modifier like guide,review, buying etc

optimize title

Google crawler looks at your page in heading H1, H2, H3, H4, so make use of H1 H2 H3 H4 tags to optimize your article.

Start your Title with H1 tag as it helps google to understand your page structure and include your target keyword in sub heading tag like H2.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density means how many times your keyword appears in your content.

You can understand the keyword density as if you are writing a blog about content marketing, but you used this keyword in your article just one or two times.

It’s difficult for Google to understand that the blog post is written about the focus keyword “content marketing”.

There is no thumb rule to decide how many times your focus keyword appears in the content. If you use one focus keyword per 100 words, then it may be good for your article, so suppose you have written an article around 2000 words, then your keyword should appear at least 20 times in your blog

Target keywords in first 100 words

Use your target keywords terms in your first 100 words because google gives more preference for keywords that comes early on your page.

target keywords

For example, in my article, I optimized the keyword “ start a blog,” I mentioned that keyword on the first of 100 words.

Use proper meta description

use properly meta description that helps users to understand your post all about.

The purple text is your title tag, and the below description is called the Meta description.

Optimize your meta description helps your CTR and easy to understand viewers about blog content.

Internal links

Make sure your pages are interlink together. if you do interlink properly google crawlers crawls pages by pages to continue crawls your website.this helps your articles index fast in google.


You can see in the above picture how Wikipedia does well because they interlink every information in their articles to rank their articles on google.

Suppose you link your home page with other interlinking pages and get a back-link for your article; then, back-links pass the link juice between every internal link page that helps to rank your whole site in google so fast.

Use 5-6 interlinks for 2000 words article.

External Links

Sometimes you need to link any relevant information in your pages or blog of other websites like any image, data, facts to describe any information with better to your audience to understand your blog.

You link them to your website.

But keep remembering before to link outside sites as link always trustworthy sites on your page.

Optimize URL for SEO

As per Backlinko, “Short URLs tend to have higher ranking factor over longer URLs.”

Use a short and crisp URL like “”

Avoid ugly looking url like

Keep the length of your URL around 50-60 characters. It’s better for your ranking.

LSI keywords

LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords are related keywords of your focus keyword.

Suppose you have written an article on Email marketing, and any of your readers want to know about email marketing tools.

LSI keywords

You did not use this related keyword in your article then you are going to lose traffic from those who are looking for email marketing tools.

So always use LSI Keywords in your blog post. You can find LSI keywords at the end of the google search page.

LSI keywords help you to bring instant website traffic on your website.

3.Use catchy Blog Post Headlines

As per study its found that 8 out of 10 people read headline to decide whether he need to read further or not.

catchy headlines

So the headline is super important to for your blog.
Catchy blog headlines increase your organic traffic that leads to higher ranking in SERPs.

So if your headline is not good, you are going to lose traffic.

According to Buzzsumo’s study over headlines, the top starting phrases start with how-to articles, the X ways, X things, X reasons where X is a number, The best articles, etc. are more clicked by readers. So it may help your CTR.

Some great tips to write catchy headlines to bring instant traffic on your site.

1.Short and appealing: make your headline near to 6 to 7 words.

2.Make use of numbers: People love numbers, so using numbers is an excellent technique to get visitors, for example, “10 hacks to bring your first sale quickly”. These are called list articles, and readers always curious to read this type of article.

3.Add Power Words: Adding power keywords like Top, Best, ultimate, free ,discount which attract users and helps you to get  instant website traffic.

4.Try to add Negative words: No ,Stop ,without

5.Match the content with your keyword: Try to make your heading match with your content so that users can easily understand what the blog post is about.

4.Do Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the best way to increase instant website traffic.

Off-page SEO means all the activities you perform to rank your site away or outside the website.

Many factors consider to rank your article and drive instant traffic by doing off-page SEO. We will discuss here all the significant factors:

Link Building

Its the best method to increase traffic instantly in your website.

Its no matter how do you write your article well and how to do the best on-page SEO. If you don’t know how to make backlinks, it’s challenging for you to rank your article on google’s first page.

Just watch this quick video from Niel Patel on making backlinks free to get an idea of how you can start to build backlinks.

One more thing to keep remember is build a high-quality link to get rank fast in google search result.

Video submission (Add video in your post)

These days everyone watching video and YouTube is the second most powerful search engine where invest a lot of their time. So makes it sure include video in your article when its relevant to your subject.

you can get a ton of traffic from YouTube as well.

video submission is a good way to retain your reader in your blog you can add video in your article to reduce bounce rate.

Image Optimization

If you want to improve blog traffic you should make your website fast to load and image compression is the major factor that slow page speed as a result people leave your blog.

So you must optimize your images by compressing them, making them smaller, and reducing their file size. Then it will improve your load time.

You can use image optimization plugin or take the help of some useful websites like to compress your blog images.

Make your website Mobile friendly

Presently, most people in word access the internet through mobile devices, so it’s so crucial for your website should be mobile compatible. It helps growing website traffic in the long run.

5.Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best way to increase instant website traffic. Guest postings also known as guest blogging is the way in which many bloggers allows other bloggers to write blog on his website to build good relationship authority and making links .

If you do guest posts on different websites related to your niche, it helps you make backlinks from those websites.

More backlinks you make for your site, higher the chance to get rank on google.

but now question come in your mind how to find those websites for guest posting.

Here i am telling you to google search operator methods to find guest post opportunities.

  • Keyword + allintitle:guest post guidelines
  • Keyword + intitle:”write for us”
  • Keyword + allintitle:guest blog guidelines
  • Keyword + “Guest column”
  • Keyword + “Guest columnist”
  • Keyword + “guest blogger”
  • Keyword + “Submit Blog Post”
  • Keyword + “submit content”
  • Keyword + “submit post”
  • Keyword + “Suggest a Guest Post”
  • Keyword + “Contribute to our Site”
  • Keyword + “Become a Guest Writer”
  • Keyword + “My Guest Posts”
  • Keyword + “Submission Guidelines”
  • Keyword + “This guest post was written”
  • Keyword + “This guest post is from”
  • Keyword + “Now Accepting Guest Posts”
  • Keyword + “The following guest post”
  • Keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • Keyword + inurl:guest-posts
  • Keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • Keyword + “Submit a guest post” / “Submit
  • Keyword + “Add blog post”
  • Keyword + “Guest Post Guidelines”
  • Keyword + “Want to Write for”
  • Keyword + “Blogs that Accept Guest
  • Keyword + “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
  • Keyword + “Become an Author”
  • Keyword + “become guest writer”
  • Keyword + “Become a Contributor”
  • Keyword + “Places I Guest Posted”
  • Keyword + “Guest post by”

Here Keyword is your focus keyword. For example, I am looking for a guest posting for my keyword blogging.

Then I will try all the google as mentioned above search operators methods to find guest posting websites like I will type in google “blogging + intitle: write for us.”

guest post searching operator

You can see you will get so many guest posting websites that permit you to do guest posting for their blog.

6.Use of best WordPress theme and plugins

A good theme helps to generate traffic to my blog because the first impression is the last impression. If someone comes to your site and found your site, don’t look professional, then your readers may run out of your blog.

Always use a good lightweight professional theme to design your blog site like Generatepress, Astra pro themes.

Plugins don’t play a pivotal role in driving traffic to the blog, but yes, they help indirectly to do make your on-page SEO and to make your website speed fast and to optimize your images.

Let me share must-have plugins to your blog.

WP Rocket: Its a paid caching plugin and presently the best plugin to increase your website page speed.

I recommend buying this plugin if you can afford it.

Rankmath: One of the best On-page SEO plugin in the present market and one good thing is this plugin is free. Rank math plugin helps you at every stage when you do something wrong as per SEO guidelines.

7.Use Long tail Keywords

If you want to rank your article fast in google, you should focus on choosing log tail keywords because long-tail keywords are easily rank quickly compared to the short-tail keyword.

Keep always remember if you are a newbie, and you are going to start a blog, then I will recommend you start with long-tail keywords instead of short-tail keywords.

Short-tail keywords = low conversion
Long-tail keywords= high conversion

For example: suppose you want to write on the article ” running shoes” so rather than to write on the blog for common keywords “running shoes” search for long-tail keywords like ” running shoes for kids under age 15″.

You can see if someone is looking for shoes for his kids who are under 15 than its more chances he will search you on google with this long keyword.

You can better understand the concept of long-tail keywords by looking just below the image.

long tail keywords by semrush

8.Write Rich and Long Articles

If you want to increase instant traffic in your blog, don’t take lightly of your content.

Content is king.

Traffic definition starts with your content writing skills if you are not focusing on your content writing, you are going to lose your traffic for your blog.

So my Advice writes rich or high-quality content, and I suggest before starting to write content for your blog first do research your competitors and check on what keywords they are ranking in google.

To check your competitor’s organic keywords, you can research them by using an amazing SEO tool Semrush.

I use Semrush to do my daily task like:

  • finding profitable keywords,
  • Spying keywords of my competitors,
  • Checking backlinks of my competitors and so many jobs you can perform by using this tool.
semrush trail offer

One more crucial thing is to make your content length more than 2000 words. Recently found in a study that Google gives more importance to those articles that are of high quality and has an extended length of the blog post.

9.Paid Advertisement

Paid advertisement is one of the best methods to get instant web traffic on your blog.You can drive traffic by using these paid methods.

1.Google Adwords:

Google AdWords is a marketplace where companies paid to google to rank there product on top of the google page.

2.Social media ads:

Facebook ads: Bloggers run sponsored ads on Facebook to sell their products and service. They start gaining traffic by running Facebook ads, making money by running Facebook ads. Similarly, you can find other social media ads platform like twitter ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.

10.Grow your email Subscribers

This Method is a dark horse.

Many pro bloggers’ sources of incoming come by email marketing.

Believe me, guys, if you want to earn money fast and want some good traffic on your blog, start email marketing from day one.

It’s not an easy task to increase your email subscribers. You have first build a healthy relationship with your readers, and then you can gain their belief.

If you do so, they are your readers till whole life.

So why email marketing is so important for you?

Let me tell you

  1. Firstly, it helps to boost your sale by selling products or services.
  2. Second, its helps to boost your traffic for your blog.

You can drive traffic by collecting emails using some methods like:

1. you can offer your subscribers a small free training or course.

This website is Indian blogger Kulwant nagi, and you can see how he is collecting their email subscriber by providing free training of affiliate marketing.

2. You can provide free goodies like free PDF e-book, tools, checklist.

3. Sharing tips: that help your subscribers to educate them about their topic. You can see in the picture how brain dean from backlinko does email marketing to get their subscribers.

11.Start YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel is an excellent way to drive instant website traffic for your new blog.

Most people spend their time watching videos on mobile or laptops, and it’s a great time to start your YouTube channel now don’t think so much as how you will look and how you will speak in front of the camera.

Watch on YouTube how you can start your YouTube channel.

believe me, in starting, you will face some problem, but when you begin to shoot your first YouTube channel, you will feel more confident.

Now start making a video on that topic in which you have good knowledge and slowly grow your channel.

YouTube is an excellent source that brings massive traffic to your blog.

Add your video on your blog related to blog topic you see, so many pro bloggers are active in YouTube channels like Neil Patel,brain dean, and so many. They regularly post their video on YouTube to make as a brand.

12. Use Quora to Drive traffic on your Blog

Quora is the best platform from where you can start initial traffic for your blog.

In Quora, so many people’s searches for answers to their query, you need to answer people’s questions, and if you do so for this with sincerely, you will see the result fast.


If peoples satisfy with your answer to their queries, you can redirect them on your website but keep one thing in mind, for example, If you are going to help ten people, then add your website blog link only 3 to 4 times only.

If you link every time your website links in reply of peoples query, it may be a chance that Quora consider your links as spam and banned you.

Some tips to increase instant website traffic from qoura:

  • Give to the point and add value in your answer.
  • Create a website page on Quora.
  • Don’t link every time your website link in reply.
  • make your response easy to understand.


Q 1. Why do I need to increase traffic?
Your post will rank on google fast by increasing traffic and helps you generate more conversions from your blog

Q 2. can I increase my traffic by free methods?
Yes, you don’t need to spend even one rupee to increase traffic on your blog. In this post, most of the methods are free you need to implement on your blog.

Q 3. can I drive traffic without social media?
You can drive traffic without social media by using on-page and off-page SEO.

Q 4. How long does it take to bring traffic to the website?
The person who can answer this question is you mean how much effort you are doing.

Now Its Your Turn!

I have tried to cover all the best working methods to drive instant website traffic for your blog in my post.

Start to implement all these methods and let me tell you after one or two months whether these methods are working for you or not.

If you find this post helpful for you, share it with your friends and social media.

Your every share highly appreciated.

Hey, I am Sunil Sharma, Founder of Bloggingwing. A blog that helps you as a beginner to learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. Join My Private Facebook VIP community to stay connected with each other.

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