How to Make Money While Sleeping With Affiliate Marketing

One day you wake up in the morning and check your PayPal account on your laptop, and you see a message something like:

” XYZ company has sent you $1550.”

Feeling Surprised!!, that’s the power of affiliate marketing.
So now you are dreaming, can I also really make money like this.

If I say “YES,” you should not be surprised because you can also make this money per day or even more while you sleep with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful method to earn money online.the good thing is that you can start your online business with less investment and time.

I will cover all the topics about affiliate marketing in-depth, so by the end, you know what affiliate marketing is and how you became a successful affiliate marketer.

Let’s get start

What is Affiliate Marketing and How does it work?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which you promote another person’s or company’s products. When someone buys products through your affiliate link, you receive a commission.

There are mainly three parties involve in the affiliate marketing System.

  1. Seller and product creators.
  2. The affiliate or advertiser.
  3. The buyer or customer
affiliate marketing concept

Seller and product creators: may also know as vendor,merchant,solo entrepreneur who creates the products and products can be physical thing like home and kitchen items or service like Dog training tutorials.

The affiliate or advertiser: The affiliate is a person or company who promote the sellers products or service by their marketing skills.

They tries to attract potential buyers through e-mail campaigns, paid ad campaigns,social media, YouTube videos or by writing good review or comparison articles.

In Short you as an affiliate help another company or seller to generate sales for them.

The Buyer : also known as consumer who buy the products from sellers website through your affiliate when the buyer or consumer buy the product via your affiliate link you receive a piece of share profit of each sale you make.

what is affiliate marketing

5 Reasons you should become an Affiliate Marketer.

1.Good source of Passive Income:

Affiliate marketing gives you opportunities to earn passive income with your regular job. You can do side business as an affiliate marketer, start making some passive income and see how much income you can earn overtime.

If You can start making a decent income from it, you can make it as your full-time business.If you do it with the right strategy, nobody can stop you from becoming a good affiliate marketer.

2.Be your own boss :

If You are a person who doesn’t like to go office and searching for a way that gives freedom to work from home, Affiliate marketing is a perfect solution for your problem.

It would be best if you were good at marketing can promote the products of Affiliate companies and start to earn money online while sleep at home.

3.No Technical Expertise Need:

To start a career in Affiliate Marketing, you don’t need to be experts in technology. It would help if you had a basic level of technical things like how to purchase the domain, hosting how to set up affiliate Blog at Word Press, how to install plugins, etc.

With time and effort, you will become master on these basics also. Practice makes a man perfect. Always do practice the things practically.

4.Cost Effective Business Opportunities:

You are looking to start a business but don’t have so much money to invest. Affiliate marketing is a perfect platform to start your business dream at a low cost.

You need to start a blog by investing under $ 100 To $ 200.If you don’t know how to start a blog, you can read in-depth “How to start a blog for beginners and make money”.

5.The Better you perform, the better you reward:

In Affiliate marketing you should give more than 100% to become success.

Treat your blog as a business and try to think how you can grow your Affiliate Blog.

You can’t imagine how much money you can generate from world. You will get from it what you put into it.

How do you as Affiliate Marketer get paid?

Affiliate Marketers get paid by different models:

CPL (Cost per lead)

This model is also known as online lead generation. In this model, Your job as an affiliate marketer is to follow visitors and bring them on seller’s websites, therefore, to make your visitors take action by any of the methods like signing up a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter by downloading a trial software or files.

The advertiser pays you if any visitor comes on their website through your Affiliate Link and take any action mentioned above

CPS(Cost per sale)

This is a standard model. In this model company paid you to fix the commission or percentage of the product’s sale price if any buyer purchases any product through your affiliate link from the merchant’s website.

CPC (Cost Per Click):

This is a commission model in which as affiliate marketer gets paid only when a visitor visits website and clicks on a link placed by an advertiser.

CPI (Cost per Install)

This Model work mostly in software type product. In this model, you redirect the customer or visitor to a website, and the merchant says that if someone clicks your affiliate link and install the software, you get paid for per install.

CPA(Cost per Action)

CPA marketing also known as cost per action marketing.this model allows an advertiser to pay for a specific action from a target customer.

Affiliate Networks and Programs to join:

There are so many Programs to start your affiliate marketing career.

You as an Affiliate marketer need to find the affiliate programs that suitable for your niche and audience.

Here listing most Popular Affiliate programs or networks you can join and start earn money as commission.

1.Amazon Affiliate program (Big Brother of Affiliate programs): Amazon is the largest affiliate program in the world. They have billions of products,you can find products and easily promote them and make money. Most beginners start their affiliate journey from Amazon.

The main drawback of the Amazon Associate program is low commission. Recently they slashed the commission rate, and now in most of the category, they are paying up to 3% commission. However, Amazon is still a strong affiliate program due to customer trust in its product and its worldwide market coverage.

2.Share A sale: Share A Sale has a good mix of physical product and services. they are in the market of last 20 years.they have  so many brands , merchants, products to promote and offers the affiliates with a wide range of options.The commission rate that is quite good at 10% to 40%.

share a sale

3.Click bank: Click bank is one of the best Affiliate program to promote merchants products. they have good affiliates program in category of health, parenting,relationship,self improvement offers.

click bank

Many products offer 40%+ commissions. Merchants on click bank provide tools like product links, banners, email marketing guide, coupons and other tools to help you promote a product.

4. 2 Checkout :2 checkout is the one of leading affiliate program in global businesses. It was previously known as Avangate. If you want to promote digital products then 2 checkout is a good place to promote digital goods.

2checkout affiliate

5 Impact: Impact Affiliate Network is started since 2008. Impact is a decent Affiliate network; you can find many products to promote.You can join the program and promote the products and make money.

List of other good Affiliates Networks:

  • Maxbounty
  • AWIN
  • CJ Affiliate
  • WarriorPlus
  • Rakuten
  • FlexOffers
  • MarketHealth

Understand sales Funnel (A.I.D.A Model):

A.I.D.A model is a marketing concept through this model; you understand the buyer journey to purchase the product in which a buyer goes through to decide whether to buy the product or not .A.I.D.A model helps you to get a potential buyer to buy from you.

A.I.D.A model stands for Attention,Interest,Desire,Action.

Attention: In this stage you try to get the attention of your visitors and customers through banners, text links, Infographics, display ads or by email they are aware of your products and become your potential buyer. At this stage, your buyer approach is “know the product”.

Interest: This stage plays a significant role to convert your buyer mind to “know the product” to “I like the product“. Here you highlight the best things about your product, so it makes the curiosity in the mind of your potential buyer to know more about the product.

Desire: At this stage create a sense of desire to buy the product from you for example before a release a movie the producers first release the trailer of the movie to create a desire in your mind to watch the full movie.

In Affiliate marketing, you have to do the same by giving some discount coupons or free trial of the product or service.

Action: You bring your buyer at this stage when he completely satisfied with your product and ready to take action by purchase your product.

We can say in term of affiliate marketing here buyer click your affiliate link and buy the product or service through your website.

Let recap the steps what you have learned till now:

  • You have learned what affiliate marketing and the benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer is.
  • You have learned How you will be get paid as an affiliate marketer.
  • You have learned now what Affiliate network you should join to make money.
  • You have learned what approach you should take to sell your product.

Now the time has come to do the things practically. If you take action with each step which I am going to teach you, then I can promise you nobody can stop you from becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Steps to become a successful Affiliate Marketer

successful affiliate marketer

Before to proceed further,I assume that you have the idea of how to start a blog.

To start an affiliate website first, you need to buy domain and hosting if you are a newbie and don’t know how to buy a domain and hosting or even you have no idea how to start a blog then I recommend reading my blog “ how to start a blog for beginners and make money.”

In this blog, you will get complete knowledge about how to start a blog and how you can buy and choose a perfect domain and Hosting for your blog.

Before to go ahead, I am assuming that you have read the blog and purchased your domain and hosting.

Fare warning: Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is not a piece of cake you have to work hard to be successful and have a lot of patience to get your first dollar.

Let me share Some Tips to become successful in affiliate marketing.

Build your Audience

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you have first to build a good relationship with your audience from day one so many affiliate marketer doesn’t focus on this. but, I advise you don’t make this mistake.

You can build your audience by social media platforms like Facebook group, Instagram Pinterest, quora, twitter and many more options like email marketing, paid ads etc.

To get early success in affiliate marketing, keep remembering this thumb rule that is TRUST.

build trust

Until your audience trusts you, it isn’t easy to get success in this field. The question comes in your mind that how can you build that trust.

So keep following these two rule:

Rule 1: recommend the product you are familiar with. It will be useful if you use and test the product yourself first before promoting it. If you do so, then you know about the pros and cons of the product, and you can deliver that product with more confidence to your audience.

Rule 2: In general, you can’t use every product, so never tell your audience directly to buy the product. Instead of doing research very well about that product and then, based on your experience, if you find that it will help your audience, then promote it otherwise don’t

How to Find a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing:

target profitable niche

When a newbie starts an affiliate blog, he got stuck at this point because he doesn’t know how to find profitable Niche.

so many newbie bloggers DM me and ask questions like:

  • As a newbie,which niche should i pick?
  • how to choose niche there is no comptetion?
  • how to find profitable niche with less efforts?

and many more questions?

As the beginning of my career in affiliate marketing, I have made so many mistakes to choose the right niche, and I wasted my lot of time. But, I want to you become as my readers do not repeat my mistake to find a profitable niche.

Before start keyword research, you should understand the concept of search intent and don’t do the keyword research without knowing the search intent.

what is search intent?

Let understand by an example

Suppose a user type in google ” window,” then his intent to search is windows software rather than room window.

Here you cant target the keyword “window” until you know the user intent of the search. You can here understand that different keyword serves different intent or purpose.

So it’s so important to know user search intent before start keyword search.

Types search intent

  1. Informational
  2. Navigational
  3. Commercial
  4. Transnational

Now understand each one with example

Informational keywords:

Informational keywords are the keywords which help the user to give information about any topic, brand and products and help them with their decision making process.

Example like Best ways to increase Traffic to affiliate sales.

You can relate these keywords with AIDA model of first stage Attention.

Navigational Keywords:

Navigational keywords are used to find information about specific product ,website or service and user intent is very clear because he is looking for specific location website or product.

Example:Face book sign up ,you tube, WordPress login.

These keywords relate with AIDA model second stage Interest.

Commercial Keywords:

These Keywords include information on future purchase intent of products and services. Keywords with commercial intent are more promising, while low intent keywords are navigational or informational.

In other words, we can say that the buyer is saying to you he has money to spend, and he is interested in buying the product you are selling.

Example: Affordable laptops for bloggers, Best DSLR camera’s for photography, etc

These keywords relate with AIDA model third stage, Desire.

Transnational Keywords:

These are buyer keywords and in general these keywords have low search volume but a very high intention conversion user intent take action to buy product or service.

Transnational keywords Example: Discount, sale, deal, offers like Semrush coupons.

These keywords relate to the AIDA model last stage Action.

Now here I am showing Evergreen niche market in which most profitable niches fall into.

  • Health and fitness
  • Money and wealth
  • Relationship
  • Technology
  • Self improvement.
  • Hobbies and passion
  • Parenting
  • Outdoor activities
  • Babies
  • Gaming

These are a big market, and so many big players are already sitting on the top, as a newbie, if you select your niche like health and fitness which is a broad niche, then it’s challenging to grow your blog.

So you should be drilled down further this big market to sub-market and continue drilled down until you reach to be very specific long-tail keywords.

Let understand this by example:

suppose we choose our niche like shoes that is broad Niche and broad niche always have large search volume but very difficult to rank in google first page for newbie.

So our primary job is to find a long-tail keyword or micro-niche keyword with low competition and have good search volume.

broad niche

We have searched the key ” shoes” in one of the best keyword SEO tool semrush.

You can see the single keyword has high search volume, but here you can’t say that users come here to buy shoes. these are informational or navigational keywords.

Now a user types the keyword “running shoes” in google. It means the user is searching for running shoes; maybe he wants to buy it. these keywords are commercial in nature.

But if a user search like “ Best running shoes for a man with flat feet,” means the user is searching for a specific keyword and looking for running shoes with flat feet, so he is definitely your potential buyer and there are transnational keywords.

This is your long tail keyword which you have to target.

If you want to earn money as a newbie, then you have to go for long-tail keywords, and solves some purpose of your audience and find a product that might fit your audience’s needs. It may be a physical product or service.

Pro Tip: The key to find the best product for you is start with Pain; not the product means what your audience is looking for and what solution you provide for that Pain.

Join an Affiliate program or network sign up as an Affiliate:

Second step is sign up as and affiliate to that network and get your Affiliate link.

Let me tell you what is affiliate link.

An affiliate link is a link that is provided by your merchant to promote the merchant’s product. This link is unique, and it has your affiliate id, which helps the merchant and affiliate program to track the sales generated by you as an affiliate.

Find Reliable products under your Niche in Affiliate Network

Suppose you choose Click Bank Affiliate network and you want to promote the product under category Health and Fitness.

Sign up the Click bank, and you will find a home page like

click bank

Now click on Affiliate Market Place as shown in Picture. You will find a page like below with so many broad category.

market place clickbank

Now click on health and fitness in the category.

You will find so many sub-categories under your broad niche health and fitness. You go through all the sub-categories and find the best product under those sub-categories, you can think you can promote that product very well.

health and fitness

Pro Tip: Try to choose the product which has gravity around 100 it is nothing but like an indicator which shows the popularity of the product and as per Click Bank website: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by promoting the vendor’s products during the past 12 weeks.

Create Better Content about your Product :

Your Next Job is creating better content for your product which resolves and satisfy the problem of your customer.
Content is king, and you should learn this art ” how to write content in the right way“. It will take time, but once you master on it, people will love your content.

Promote Merchant’s Product and service:

When you get your affiliate link, you can add it to your website pages or post with the help of banners, text links, call to action buttons, etc.

If any visitor comes to your website and clicks an Affiliate link, then it redirects him to the merchant’s site where if he takes action means to buy the merchant product, then you will get a commission based on the value of the product.

My best Hacks to Promote Affiliate Products

Here I showing my hacks that I use to create a successful Affiliate Blog.

First hack: There are so many ways to promote the product via Facebook, youtube twitter, but you need a stable place where you can control all your affiliate marketing activities. So its recommend you should have your website.

Second Hack: Always try to put your affiliate link in multiple positions instead of just blog beginning or blog ending. It doesn’t mean you place your affiliate link anywhere in your blog post, rather than place the all the where you think it works best.

Third Hack: Promote your product youtube, Facebook at the beginning because both platforms are almost used by most people nowadays. 

Create various videos about your product and promote it on youtube. You will see you get a lot of traffic from youtube and make facebook banners, infographics, and promote it through Facebook.

Fourth Hack: Promote products through Webinar. The Webinar is a powerful tool in which you invite your audience and give some valuable tips and solves your audience questions. In the end, you offer a deal like joining your course and purchasing any product that will resolve your audience’s issues.

Because you help them and they feel trust in you, they will not hesitate to buy the product or service from you.

One crucial hack is recording your Webinar, so there are so many prospective audiences who will not be available at that time can watch it again when needed.

Fifth Hack: Be transparent about your affiliate links. Always write disclosure narration like “Some of the links to products on this blog are affiliate links. It means, at no additional cost to you, we’ll earn a commission if you click through and buy any product.” on your home page or on pages where you are going to use your affiliate links.

Sixth Hack: promote your product indirectly through email marketing. Email is compelling for a marketing tool. You can use your email to redirect him to your landing page. The email should be all about giving people high-value content, not direct selling of your product.

Seventh hack: It’s about something technical don’t link your affiliate link directly to your post because it passes your link juice to your merchant website that may harm your website. 

While using indirect way to link your affiliate link like use plugins pretty link that helps to put your affiliate link without passes your link juice.

Eighth hack: Test your promotion method.If you make a strategy to promote your affiliate products, and you find that this strategy is not working, then you should change your approach to encourage it in another way means you continue to improve your strategy and look for what method your audience is more responding.

Example: you wrote a blog post about your product, but you see it’s not giving good results, then you can switch and try to make a youtube video and check whether the audience is responding or not means just trial and error until you get your right method.

Ninth Hack: Give a deal or a bonus.

People always react when they listen to the word discount, sale, free, coupon, free shipping, cheapest, etc. 

You never believe it, but it’s the most powerful way to sell your product because it’s not only you who sell the same product, but if you show or give some discount or deal to your customer, then they may go to favor your side.

Final hack: be patient. I always say Affiliate marketing is not a quick-rich scheme. You have to keep patience to see the result. To start a blog is easy; it’s not a hard part, but the struggle begins from making the relationship with people and gains their trust.

The better things take time. So it better to try and fail but never fail to try.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ

As a newbie, we have so many questions in our mind related to Affiliate Marketing. I cover here Frequently asked questions by newbie.

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable? And How much money can I make?

Yes, Affiliate marketing is Profitable, but for those who take it seriously and consider Affiliate marketing as his business and do hard work daily to grow their business.

The potential to earn from affiliate marketing is limitless, but how much money you can make? The answer to this question only can give by you. The money is directly proportional to your efforts to learn the things. The sooner you learn, the sooner you get.

Can I do Affiliate Marketing Without Website?

Yes, You can do Affiliate marketing without website many people earn through Facebook, youtube, Pinterest and other platforms, but most affiliate networks require a website to get register with them. As a newbie, I recommend starting with a website.

How much will it cost to start the Affiliate Blog?

Investment is the key to get success in affiliate marketing. You need to buy a domain and hosting and a good theme to start your blog and some plugins to buy to optimize your blog.joining an affiliate network is free.sometimes you promote products through paid ads, PPC, so it’s up to you as per your requirement.

How does Affiliate marketing works?

You can find the answer in detail above blog. But in brief, you can understand the process.

  • Choose a profitable niche.Join Affiliate program
  • Find products under the niche topic.
  • Write content about the product that appeals to your audience.
  • Add your Affiliate links to your content where necessary.
  • Get paid when a visitor clicks your link and buys the product.

Is Any technical qualification need ?

No, such qualification requires to enter in the Affiliate marketing field but as Name Indicate Marketing means you should have marketing skills and you should need to learn these skills to get early success in affiliate marketing.


If you want to live like a boss then Affiliate marketing is for you.

Affiliate marketing give you a hope to live your life according your rules. its like a real business and you should give your best to get successful in Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a perfect start for beginners as a blogger to monetize a website.

I here try to give you a full overview to cover each aspect of Affiliate marketing, but your real journey starts from nowhere.

Believe in your self and win the world.

All the best!

Hey, I am Sunil Sharma, Founder of Bloggingwing. A blog that helps you as a beginner to learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. Join My Private Facebook VIP community to stay connected with each other.

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