Hey friends

I am Sunil Sharma

The part-time BloggerAffiliate marketer and founder of BloggingWing.com

I am sharing my story to start my career as a blogger

I am doing a good job for last 7 years.

The question comes in your mind why did I start blogging when i have already a good job.

Everyone sees dreams I also have some dreams like

I want to travel the world.
I want to live in my own Big House.
The main reason I want to give the best future for my parents and my family.

But I did not find that in service I can achieve these goals due to a limited monthly salary so I started to find some ways so that I can earn some money with my current job.

I found the world of blogging and affiliate marketing and I have seen so many bloggers are doing so well even some who are not happy with their 6-9 pm job they left the job started very decent six-figure money through blogging and affiliate marketing and take blogging as his full-time business.

when i start my blogging journey i failed yes i failed not one time

I failed to continue eight months after that I know what exactly things works in this blogging world.

Currently, I’m running some affiliate blogs and earning a decent amount from my affiliate blogs.

Here All About Bloggingwing.com

I start this site to help those newbies

  • who want to earn some passive income through blogging and affiliate marketing.
  • To help you make your blog a successful blog and make money from it.
  • help the newbies who are facing problem to start their first blog.

If you stuck at any point of time you can mail me at


Thanks to read my story

with best wishes for your blogging journey

sunil sharma